Artist Statement


Inspired by Nature.

My artwork for the past several years has focused on incorporating the inspiration I find from nature and fusing it with a human element. The result is my current body of illustrative work, Fabula Animalis, which provides animals that are facing habitat loss with a visual story.

 I created Fabula Animalis to create a visual narrative on humanity’s physical connection to multiple vulnerable animal species.  I achieved this through a mixed-media method of combining watercolor, ink, and paint. This creates a truly man-made take on these endangered creatures. Just like an author uses words to form an emotional response, I use lines to build asymmetrical patterns that represent the physical connection to nature contained in all of our hearts.   The color, lack there of, or repetition of specific species are layered into the composition to show the tenuous relationship that I feel these animals have with life and death.  Combining these processes gives an internal association with all of these beings that call our planet home.